No no no we don’t eat dogs!

It’s around the corner The Chinese Festival Of Dog Eating. I respect culture and traditions I practice my own for my religion. However if there is something I don’t agree with or fully understand I will question it and hesitate and take time to see whether I want to perform certain rituals.

Here in the UK to have dogs as pets is very common and if you like they are considered to be part of a family. If you have a dog as a pet you will relate to this I’m sure. I am aware in certain parts of the world they are not considered as pets but rather as pests and are just left around to room the streets and borne diseases. I heard on the news yesterday that in parts of china they do have dogs as pets because of the restriction of how many children they could have in the past. They became a sibling as it were for the children and help fill a void.

Most of the dogs are snatched, kidnapped and some just roam the streets. How can this be a healthy meat to eat? Surely we don’t live in the dark ages anymore where they would have to resort to eat anything they could find in the wild????

Should we respect the Chinese Tradition and not get involved? When is this considered a breach of humanity?


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