‘Fake’ not genuine; imitation or counterfeit.


We’ve all come across some people who appear to be who they are but in reality they just putting up a facade. They will say one thing and mean another. Others put on an act just for the sake of it. I wonder how much energy that requires, what’s their thought process? Does it require them to plan who they going to meet and what they going to say? I can’t even begin to fathom how I would be able to do this on a daily basis?

Looking back I’ve changed my mind on some people I’ve come across whether through work or my personal life. Just little things now give it away, a little comment they made or spoke about someone behind their back and then they were best friends the next? Just speaking to someone for the sake of it, just because they have too.

I’m recently doubting someone who was once very close to me and the more and more I see that person I begin to wonder why are you being that way? what are you being fake? or is it a front you are putting up to defend yourself? to mask how you really feel?

Personally, I’ve never been one way with someone and then another the next -I’ve always been myself – this is how I am take it or leave it really.




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