Deeply saddened


A British MP has been brutally killed in her own home town. I am shook to the core on how quickly and easily this has happened. In broad daylight, in front of lots of people and in a idyllic residential area.

It deeply sadden me furthermore, to learn that the perpetrator had a mental illness, one for which he was treated sometime ago and then left to be a part of a community where he was actively involved as a volunteer. I really can’t get my head around it all, what led him to act with such anger? what possessed him to take someone else’s life. One life which was there to help all of them and wanted a better life for all her fellow community.

So sad, that she has left behind 2 young children and a devoted husband. Why? why does this happen to those who are good human beings and want to make a difference in this world. We are surrounded by so much negativity and destruction, why are those who want to make a positive change taken away from us so horrifically?



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