The not so pleasant sound of the underground

So as it’s half term, we decided to have a day out in London as a family. We wanted the girls to experience the underground. We’ve been into London lots of times in the comfort of our own car (much easier by the way). Anyway, if you are a parent yourself you probably know where this is heading? So we had the girls in their pushchairs, we caught the train from our local train station which was fine. It was a bit cramped in the train with the pushchairs, got a few looks from other passengers. but some were so helpful and the girls help entertain the journey. Stepping on and off the train was very tricky as there is quite a big gap from the train and the platform – had to be extra careful not to get the wheels stuck between that gap.

Got to the next train station, our next train was on the platform on the opposite side of the station – got to the steps my partner and I both looked at each other as asked for a lift – NO LIFT. Ok so how we supposed to get up the steps with two pushchairs. Thank god for the very kind and thoughtful people who offered to help my and my husband lift the pushchairs up and down the staircases. Not easy let me tell you!

We found this was the case most of our journey – when we got into the underground you have those monster escalators which are so steep. I have a slight paranoia with escalators! I always dread going on and off them. Imagine me with a pushchair going on one? I was so nervous. I got the front wheels stuck a couple of times coming off, just imagine how catastrophic it could have been if I couldn’t push it away… all those people behind me rushing for the tube… a stuck pushchair…a bruised mum.

We managed to get on the tube however we just stood up most of the journey with the girls in their pushchairs, again very cramped and it wasn’t even rush hour.

It’s very disappointing that us mums and dads are not considered for when we are travelling with our children, especially when we are trying to be green and try to enjoy and let our kids experience the ‘great’ London Underground. Really?.



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