Give way or not to give?

I always try and give way to those drivers who are patient enough to wait. Of course there are times when the other driver has a right of way, so you are legally olbligated to do so. But 9/10 I will always be the one who stops to give way to the other driver. I see it almost everyday when i’m driving,  those with less pateince just pushing their bloody way through and you’re screaming at them cos you cant move anyway or they are so close to scracthing your car up! Idiots! I swear why do some drivers think they own the road!

I always say “thank you” when someone gives me way – I hold my hand up to show my appreciation or sometimes flash my headlights if it’s at nighttime and I do expect this in return. It’s only polite to isnt it?

It really winds me up when other drivers dont thank me in return. I’ve noticed some drivers just turn their noses up, dont look in your direction, just drive straight past you it’s like they think they don’t need too. Thats just down right rude. Where is your ‘driving etiquette?’.


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