Pimms & Strawberries

It’s here! I love this tournament! Every year I watch it on TV haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it in reality in Wimbledon, but it’s on my bucket list for sure! 


EU Referendem

Today is a very important day for UK Citizens – We decide whether or not we want to REMAIN or LEAVE the European Union. Millions up and down the country will be visiting polling stations to place their vote.

We have had debate after debate by politicians, business owners, celebrities, next door neighbours.. you name it! – both sides providing reasons and facts on which is the better option to stay or to go. My hubby & I have been following this and we are more and more determined with our choice to REMAIN in the EU.

Let’s hope the right decision is made today!

No no no we don’t eat dogs!

It’s around the corner The Chinese Festival Of Dog Eating. I respect culture and traditions I practice my own for my religion. However if there is something I don’t agree with or fully understand I will question it and hesitate and take time to see whether I want to perform certain rituals.

Here in the UK to have dogs as pets is very common and if you like they are considered to be part of a family. If you have a dog as a pet you will relate to this I’m sure. I am aware in certain parts of the world they are not considered as pets but rather as pests and are just left around to room the streets and borne diseases. I heard on the news yesterday that in parts of china they do have dogs as pets because of the restriction of how many children they could have in the past. They became a sibling as it were for the children and help fill a void.

Most of the dogs are snatched, kidnapped and some just roam the streets. How can this be a healthy meat to eat? Surely we don’t live in the dark ages anymore where they would have to resort to eat anything they could find in the wild????

Should we respect the Chinese Tradition and not get involved? When is this considered a breach of humanity?

‘Fake’ not genuine; imitation or counterfeit.


We’ve all come across some people who appear to be who they are but in reality they just putting up a facade. They will say one thing and mean another. Others put on an act just for the sake of it. I wonder how much energy that requires, what’s their thought process? Does it require them to plan who they going to meet and what they going to say? I can’t even begin to fathom how I would be able to do this on a daily basis?

Looking back I’ve changed my mind on some people I’ve come across whether through work or my personal life. Just little things now give it away, a little comment they made or spoke about someone behind their back and then they were best friends the next? Just speaking to someone for the sake of it, just because they have too.

I’m recently doubting someone who was once very close to me and the more and more I see that person I begin to wonder why are you being that way? what are you being fake? or is it a front you are putting up to defend yourself? to mask how you really feel?

Personally, I’ve never been one way with someone and then another the next -I’ve always been myself – this is how I am take it or leave it really.



Summer Lovin’

happened so fast… I met a girl crazy for me… Met  boy cute as can be.. summer days drifting away .. oh ah.. oh the summer days…. oh hello hello hello… oooo

Instantly I was reminded of this song from Grease! My all time fave film. It was the first ever musical I watched. No not ‘The Sound Of Music’ Or ‘Wizard of OZ’ Of course I’ve watched those films. But nothing beats Grease. You can’t beat those golden oldies, we always used to hear it from our parents and now we find ourselves saying the same thing. I love that nostalgic feeling it just brings back so many memories of my childhood.

I always say to my hubby I want my kids to watch the films I watched. I want them to experience the joy I had when I watched them and have those same memories they can cherish forever.


Deeply saddened


A British MP has been brutally killed in her own home town. I am shook to the core on how quickly and easily this has happened. In broad daylight, in front of lots of people and in a idyllic residential area.

It deeply sadden me furthermore, to learn that the perpetrator had a mental illness, one for which he was treated sometime ago and then left to be a part of a community where he was actively involved as a volunteer. I really can’t get my head around it all, what led him to act with such anger? what possessed him to take someone else’s life. One life which was there to help all of them and wanted a better life for all her fellow community.

So sad, that she has left behind 2 young children and a devoted husband. Why? why does this happen to those who are good human beings and want to make a difference in this world. We are surrounded by so much negativity and destruction, why are those who want to make a positive change taken away from us so horrifically?


An Open Mind

Deep beneath those foggy thoughts and a constant bombardment of being fed whats going on around you in your ever so colourful and depressing state of affairs. I really try to keep “An Open Mind”. I often sit there and try and rationalise what is going on around me and try and take everything with a pinch of salt! I have to nowadays, otherwise I tend to just get so depressed with my own personal issues (many with my extended familia), or the current affairs, mostly with ISIS, Poverty, Child Abuse and shocking news items which just shake you to the core!

I think pinch of salt maybe taking it far too lightly but an Open Mind, one where that you are grateful and so thankful for what you have, what’s around you and who’s is your life!

An Open Mind


Foolish Football Fans


I’m getting more and more wound up with these mindless thugs who are causing so much trouble in such a beautiful country. Everyday there’s something in the news!

  1. It’s so embarrassing to have to share British nationality with these lot
  2. They are just so pathetic
  3. They are ruining the England football teams reputation
  4. They are destroying beautiful cities in France

OMG! Just grow some balls and accept defeat!